Sustainable (Green) Roofs

M&J are at the forefront of the green and sustainable roofing industry, installing numerous green roofs around the country as well as the largest vertical green roof in Europe at Digby Road.

As regulations change, sustainable roofing is becoming an increasingly prevalent factor, not only in new buildings but also when repairing and refurbishing old roofs.

There are technical considerations to take into account when installing a green roof, and M&J can help you choose the most suitable system and substrate for your green roof, as well as advise on the different types of green roof available.

Sustainable roofing doesn’t just mean putting a roof garden on top of the waterproofing, there are numerous options available in the market, including carbon neutralising cap sheets, increased levels of insulation including cut to fall schemes to alleviate ponding water and therefore moss and debris build up and Blue Roofs, which look to retain storm water and control the run off and are typically used in cities where drainage has to be planned and controlled.


  • Great for the environment
  • Good protection against the elements
  • Visually attractive
  • Perfect for the Eco-friendly brand