Reinforced Bitumen Membrane

Reinforced Bituminous Membranes (RBM) is the most common system used in the flat roof refurbishment market.

M&J use RBM across all sectors, including education, retail, commercial and the NHS in both the refurbishment and new build markets. Although sometimes seen as an outdated product, advances in product technologies have revolutionised the product, leading to guarantees of 40+ years, the largest of any system.

Although an extremely robust material, manufacturers often fail to take into consideration the fire risk associated with this type of product. M&J can advise on safe and robust systems that have the practicality of a RBM combined with the safety of a hot air (no flame) welded joints at details that are considered a fire risk.

M&J have led the way on specifying safe and robust waterproofing systems, with particular care and attention paid to fire risks and can assist you in getting the best waterproofing system for your roof.


  • M&J Core Service Experience
  • Renowned waterproofing used the world over
  • Easily applied by Torch or hot air
  • Simple and cost effective to apply