Hot Melt Waterproofing Systems

 Structural waterproofing or hot melt is commonly used in the new build market, although not exclusively, and comprises 2 layers of hot melt which is then covered with a specified finish (Green Roof / Ballast / Paving etc) along with a protection layer between waterproofing and aesthetic finish.

M&J have installed some of the largest hot melt roofs in the UK as well as utilising it in the refurbishment sector to overcome detailing and technical issues.

Although a very good product with roofs known to last in excess of 50 years, it requires large machinery to do entire roofs with H&S considerations when transporting hot melt, which can be in excess of 200oC.

There are site specific practicalities that need to be considered before stipulating the use of Hot Melt, all of which M&J can advise on.


  • Commonly used in the New Build market
  • Long life expentancy (50+ years possible)
  • Cost effective solution