Green Roof Installations – Giving back to the Environment


M&J Group have been involved in the installation of green roof systems for a number of years in the UK. Training in both the concept and application of these systems, has been given to key personnel in every office.

Benefits of a Green Roof:
>> Environmental and sustainability enhancement, combating global warming.
>> Rainwater attenuation in heavy rain conditions.
>> Long term economic benefit of installing a green roof.
>> Green roofs cool the surrounding air in summer creating a beneficial micro climate.
>> In city centres, green roofs are visually pleasing creating a softer landscape.
>> Increase of roof life.
>> Reduction of noise and dust levels.
>> Providing new habitats for wild life and increasing bio-diversity.
>>Generally green roofs are are in one of two types:

1. Intensive Green Roof: Essentially, this is a garden roof. It requires a greater depth of soil to nurture a wide variety of plants which may be used. It requires regular maintenance as with a normal garden, and has a saturated load in the region of 400kg/m2.

2. Extensive Green Roof: This is a lightweight sedum planted type of roof, giving a wild grass appearance. It requires only low maintenance, and has a saturated load in the region of 90kg/m2.