We are committed to the delivery of excellence in customer service, resident satisfaction and effective communication tools.


We are committed to the delivery of excellence through effective and close communication between all stakeholders.

M&J Group are fully committed to delivering excellence and we believe that effective and regular client consultation and engagement is critical to the success of keeping clients satisfied with our projects.

Our client liaison officers, which service the whole of the UK, all receive dedicated, in-house training in Customer Care to fully ensure that they and the other members of our site teams fully reflect M&Js ehtos. M&J Group continually provide specialist training and consultations with local authorities, building owners and consultants to ensure communication has been fully conversed through the associated parties. Our client liaison officers possess a variety of in-house taught language and communication skills, further developing and enhancing our commitment to deliver messages to not only key contacts, but surrounding parties.

Examples in delivering effective communication can be drawn from presentations and regular consultations with M&Js key clients. An M&J representative will not only fully liaise with clients on a regular basis but present fun and educational based presentations to the staff and children at the school, making sure all safety aspects communicated when projects are in operation. This helps M&J portray a clear message of how we hold public safety as our number one priority whilst construction works are carried out.